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Initial Thoughts

After looking at some images of the race car, I set about imagining the look of the project. These doctored images are based on a shots taken by David Lord and James Goodwin. They demonstrate that the initial scope was solely interested in making the external look of the car as near as possible to that of the race car. The image on the right is the only image of the original chassis and clone car together.

The first job was to offer up some the race car body parts to see which of the existing panels could be used and which would require some customisation. This highlighted from the outset that were some subtle differences between the body panels of the race car and that of the road based Esprit V8.


This image shows the carbon doors, arches and 18” wheels offered up to the Sport350 bodywork. Based on this initial panel comparison, work commenced on transforming my Sport350 into the GT1 replica.


The following images show the completed project.

The project is described in more detail under the links at the top of this page. Below is the Specifications/Modifications. This lists everything that has been done to the Sport 350 to turn it into a GT1 replica.


Bodywork (GT body mouldings)

Carbon/honeycomb engine cover
Carbon outer shell and separate (optional) carbon inner panel
Machined door armatures
Polycarbonate side and quarter windows (incl. drivers sliding vent)
Carbon/honeycomb front splitter and carbon front bumper lower section
Carbon/honeycomb rear diffuser with aluminium air separator strakes
Carbon sill lower section
Carbon roof panel with integral carbon NACA duct
Carbon high down-force rear wing with Gurney flap and carbon endplates
CNC machined tilting alloy mountings
Wheel arches
Carbon NACA duct with cold air feed to exhaust outlet
Clear side indicator lenses

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels

Penske triple adjustable alloy dampers with 1300lb springs
AP Racing 6-pot front callipers with 356mm grooved discs
AP Racing 4-pot rear callipers with 330mm grooved discs
Switchable ABS
Separate handbrake calliper (Sport 350 original rear)
Custom front and rear bells
Mintex pads front and rear
Aeroquip brake hoses throughout
Centre lock hub/adapter spindles
Speedline 18” magnesium alloy centre lock rims (11” front, 14” rear)


Lotus 918 3506cc V8
MoTeC M800 Engine Management
MoTeC Advanced Dash Logger
Bosch motorsport Lambda sensors
Remote ignition coil amplifiers
Hybrid turbochargers - (T28) Larger compressor housing and trim wheel, 360 bearing
Twin Water-to-Air charge-cooler heat exchangers
Charge-cooler front radiator (twin pass crossflow alloy)
Fabricated plenum
Dump valve (to atmosphere)
Electric charge-cooler circulation pump (5 gpm)
Alloy Expansion Tank/Swirl Pot (charge-cooler)
Alloy Coolant Expansion Tank
Silicone Coolant hoses throughout
Engine Sensors (3bar MAP & high speed IAT)
Renault UN1 5 speed manual gearbox
Transmission oil cooler, pump, sensor and braided hoses
AP Racing carbon-metallic paddle clutch
Custom stainless exhaust system (including CATs)


Pair Corbeau carbon race seats
Custom carbon dash for MoTeC Advanced Dash Logger
Willans 6-point harnesses
Boost gauge and custom carbon pod
Custom pod for Shift Lights and ECU warning indicator
Momo steering wheel quick release mechanism
Push button starter
Remote battery isolator with internal and external triggers
FIA spec Fire System with internal and external triggers

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